Saturday 28 March 2020

An introduction to Lamitubes - Laminated Tubes

Used in FMCG packaging for over 50 years now, Lamitubes are quite popular because of the soft squeeze characteristics it possesses, enabling the almost the entire product to be released from the container with application of pressure.

Timeline of trends in lamitube structures
1970s : Paper, Aluminium foil, and thermoplastic film
1980s : Phasing out of paper based structures.
1990s : Multilayer polymer based barriers
2000s: Sustainability focus: foil thickness reduced to 9 to 12 microns from earlier 30-40 microns
2010s: 40 to 75% PCR HDPE | 50% organic sugarcane based polymer

Printing technologies
Elite Fusion
One click
3D printing
Digital printing

Uses across sectors

With diameters ranging from 12 MM to 50 MM, there are multiple tube sizes in the market with different shapes like oval and round - the basic idea is always to have synergy between carton, print media, and tube packaging.